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About us

Text Approach is a professional language solutions service provider based in Southampton, United Kingdom enabling clients to reach a global audience solving human language challenges in through natural language processing techniques. Text Approach focus is on providing localization Translation and natural language processing services - for Arabic, French and Finnish languages. Our in-house team, as well as our language partners, allow us to provide all that is required for a successful local presence - localization, translation, trans-creation (creative translation) of marketing material, linguistic engineering, training and other multilingual related services. For further information about these or other services, or to obtain a quotation, please call Text Approach Company on: 0238 194 3397 or use our Contact Page.
Language Translation:

• Software localization (user interfaces, software manuals)
• Marketing Translation (product presentations)
• Creation of language packages & country versions installation.

Language Engineering:

• Multilingual Semantic database build (NOSQL, RDF, Ontologies)
• NLP toolkits such as CoreNLP, LanguageTool and WordNet
• Data cleaning and classification for disambiguation